Tree Peony Garden
  Autumn Garden
  Cao Xueqins Memorial
  Penjing Garden
  Lilac Garden
  Liangs Cemetery
  Rose Garden
  Magnolia Garden
  The Tropical Conservatory
  Cherry Valley
  The Wofo Temple
  Education Center
  Perennial Garden
  Crabapple-Cotoneaster Garden
  December 9th Pavilion
  Herbaceous Peony Garden
  Ornamental Peach Garden
  Mei Flower Garden
  Bamboo Garden
  Hosta Garden
  Crape Myrtle Garden
  Herb Garden
Education Center

    Built in the end of 1996, the Education Center covers an area of 0.5 hectares, with a total building area of 2,670O. After winning the title of Youngsters Educational Base for Science Education in Beijing, Beijing Botanical Garden was entitled National Youngsters Educational Base for Science Education in 2002. The institution aims at popularizing botanical knowledge, passing on gardening skills, advocating environmental protection so that people can have a better understanding of the importance of plants for their lives and become fully aware of the role of botanical gardens in environmental protection and in the realization of sustained social development in order to raise their concern for increasingly graver urban ecological and environmental problems.

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